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Ambient Weather WS-1171 Wireless Advanced Weather Station with Temperature, Dew Point, Barometer and Humidity

We got a request from our reader for a birthday present for her husband with following criteria:

-          Weather station

-          Not too expensive but not looking cheap

-          Good accuracy with some possibilities

-          Wireless if possible

-          Small sensor unit (due to lack of space)

Of course the birthday is coming soon so the delivery should be quick.

At the first glance it looks quite a normal expectation but there are many home weather stations that differ slightly and it took us some time to find the right one. We have checked the parameters of the stations and after looking at our tables and searching around we have found just the station –

Ambient Weather WS-1171 Wireless Advanced Weather Station.



Great home weather station

Ambient Weather WS-1171

Why is the WS-1171 a great small home weather station?

-          First it is relatively cheap for all the features it carries. It is available for $39.99 (now on 20% discount).

-          It offers better accuracy on three factors (more below) from other similar weather stations.

-          It has a wireless sensor which is not bulky. That is important if there is not a lot of space for all of the sensors, wind meters, rain gauge…

-          Easy installation saves you some time and nerves.


Why Ambient Weather WS1171 would not be your pick?

All of the issues stated below don’t mean that it is not a great unit. But because of the great price for this station there are no really expensive parts and you don’t get as many different sensors that come with more expensive weather stations.

-          If you are looking for more sensors in a weather station. Because of the Ws-1171’s small sensor unit, it does not have a wind sensor or rain gauge to name just the two.

-          Some weather stations offer faster data interval update (< 48 sec).


What got our attention?

There are some features that got our attention and one of them is that this small weather station has a humidity calibration. If the built in +/-5% accuracy is not accurate enough for you, the WS-1171 allows you to adjust the sensor humidity to match the calibrated humidity. The “One step calibration kit” for digital hygrometers (sold separately) uses salt slurry formula to accurately calibrate the indoor and outdoor hygrometers and with it you can calibrate the humidity.

Also a great thing to have is a weather forecaster showing you what kind of weather is coming. We all have agreed that knowing weather before leaving home sometimes really did save the day.

Handy forecast icons based on barometric pressure trends. The weather forecaster is based on the rate of change of barometric pressure. That means that when the pressure rises the weather icons will show better weather and when the pressure will be dropping the weather will worsen towards rain. The console shows a tendency indicator between weather icons to provide a weather forecast.

It even has a useful storm indicator, whose threshold can also be adjusted by the user. When dropping of pressure exceeds more than 3 hours, the storm indicator will activate and the cloud with rain icon will flash for 3 hours.

Also it is nice to watch the trend of the pressure history chart. On the console of the home weather station  is a barograph for the last 24 hours where each bar represents three hours.


Ambient Weather WS-1171 sensor

What about the great range of features?

Of course you get all the features like:

-          The display was easily read by even elder people since it features large LCD

-          Wireless outdoor humidity: 1% to 99% RH (+/-5% accuracy) with calibration

-          Wireless outdoor temperature: -40.0°F to + 149°F (+/- 2°F accuracy)

-          Indoor temperature: +32°F to + 140°F (+/- 2°F accuracy)

-          Transmission range: up to 300 feet open air (ideal conditions), 100 feet for most applications

-          Transmission frequency is: 433MHz

-          Date and time. Time or better an atomic clock, time is set automatically via radio and in sync with the U.S. atomic clock for accuracy. The clock also features an alarm with snooze and temporary back light for nighttime viewing. But you should know that in some locations it may take a couple of days to receive the signal and sync the clock.

-          Alarm with snooze – You can set High and Low limits for alarms. Alarms can be set for different parameters like time alarm, humidity alarm, temperature alarm, pressure alarm.


Some things to keep in mind

It’s good to know in advance things like warranty, energy consumption and ease of installation.

-          The Ambient Weather WS-1171 has a one year warranty.

-          Energy consumption:

The receiver of WS-1171 needs 3 “AA” batteries and the wireless sensor uses 2 “AAA” (smaller) batteries. The batteries are not included with the unit. So the best is to order them with your wireless weather station.  Battery life for base station is minimum 12 months and minimum of 24 months for thermometer-hygrometer sensor. Important detail is that lithium batteries are recommend for long life and cold weather. Also good practice is to avoid rechargeable batteries.

-          Installation:

Whether or not you are a handy type, the installation is really easy.  On the Thermo-Hygrometer Sensor you just remove the battery door on the back of the sensor with a Philips screwdriver (there is only one screw, at the bottom of the unit) and insert two AAA batteries (positive end for the top battery is on the right side and for the lower battery on the left side).

For the display console you first have to move the remote thermo-hygrometer at least 10 feet away from the display console because if the sensor is too close, it may not be received by the display console. Then like before you just remove the battery door on the back of the display, insert three AA batteries. Now contrary like before you start with the top battery and the positive side is on the left, then right and lower battery again with the positive side on the left.

After that the display should beep once and all of the LCD segments will light up for a few seconds to verify all segments are operating properly.

Be careful not to touch any buttons until the remote sensor reports in, otherwise the remote sensor search mode will be terminated. When the remote sensor data has been received, the console will automatically switch to the normal mode.

Of course you can place this weather station also on the wall.


How big is it?

It is relatively small with the following dimensions (LxWxH):

Receiver: 7.25 x 4 x 1.25 in

Sensor: 3.5 x 2.75 x 1.25 in


Some sound advice

We have written more about things to keep in mind about positioning of your sensors but try to mount the remote sensor on a north facing wall, in a shaded area. Direct sunlight and radiant heat sources will result in inaccurate temperature readings. Although the sensor is water resistant, it is best to mount in a well protected area, such as an eve.

Many users say that you should get a radiation shield against the sun. Ambient Weather has a matching SRS100 temperature and humidity radiation shield which is a low cost solution for protecting temperature and relative humidity sensors (you can get it for $35.99 here). It consists of seven molded plastic plates and an UV inhibited ABS plastic mounting arm.


Where Can You Buy the Ambient Weather WS-1171?

At the moment it is eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping – here.

From what I can tell when comparing prices with other online merchants, Amazon do currently have best deal for a home weather station especially with the free shipping option.

Where Can You Read More Reviews for the WS-1171?

The best place for reviews from people who actually use the product is Amazon.

Click here to read more.



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